how big is your god?

We all have gods in our lives. They’re not necessarily the same god, but some kind of god. Something that receives our time, energy and focus. It might be the possibility of a job, a relationship, our own abilities and ideas…whatever it is, that thing to which attention is given and in which trust is placed. It holds our hopes and dreams hostage, defining what we expect with the possibilities.

I believe in the God who created the universe, the God who redeemed history, the God who sent Jesus, Lord of all creation, to walk as a human being on the earth, to die on a cross and to conquer death by rising again. I believe in Truth found in the Bible. I believe in the Church and in the Holy Spirit. I believe there is heaven and that there is hell. I believe that Satan is fighting for my attention, but that my God is stronger, ultimately having won that battle. I believe that God loves me and desires for me to know Him.

But do my prayers reflect this? Do I pray in a way that expresses confidence in such beliefs? Do I pray with courage, trusting that God still does miracles, answers prayers and is the most real thing in life? Do I pray believing that God can handle whatever I say, whatever I think and whatever I want, gracefully steering my heart toward his and inviting me to experience a peace beyond all understanding?

Jesus tells us that we should pray in His name, and that in His name, amazing things will happen. But too often, I pray with an attitude of doubt. I pray my hopes, my dreams, my hurts, my joys – my everything – with a fake boldness laced with hesitation.

What would be different in my life if I started praying with confidence to this all-powerful, loving, forgiving God – the Master and Creator of the universe and trusting that whatever my words, emotions and dreams may be, he can take it? Because he’s that big.


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