Reputation: A man after God’s own heart

Reputations matter. We like to say that they don’t. We like to think that we don’t judge or categorize people, not at all considering what we heard or haven’t heard about a person before meeting him, but that’s simply not true. We take words and stories and past experiences into subconscious consideration. Reputations, fortunately or … More Reputation: A man after God’s own heart

Not a Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are funny little things. We joke about them at office parties, making promises to ourselves to stop doing whatever bad habit in which we are currently partaking or commit to beginning something new and different in the year to come that would be beneficial. It’s a great concept. In theory. We continually … More Not a Resolution


Meet Hannah. She lived in Israel and was the favorite of Elkanah’s two wives. In her day, having children was a big deal for women because it was all they seemed to contribute to society, especially if the children you had were male. Daughters were loved and cherished, but having a son was something special. … More Hannah