Expecting a Collision

In few enough days that it’s starting to feel real but not so soon that I’ve begun packing, I will embark on my third African Adventure: Tanzania.

It’s always interesting to consider overseas, short-term mission trips. I’ve written, discussed, debated and prayed through the topic. There are as many opinions on the matter as their are countries to visit. But this blog is not about that.

This blog is about the beauty of such an adventure and the web of relationships that expands when we leave our comfort zone to spend time with those halfway around the world. A family of seven from the northeast, four from Chicago, several young adults from all across the country and a handful of high school and college students will all meet up in Atlanta on July 1 for the first time. Our various stories would remain parallel, uncrossed without such an opportunity. We will get on the first of four planes, probably all crossing our fingers for no lost luggage and on-time connections, and arrive a day or so later halfway around the world on a continent drastically different from yet remarkably similar to the one we call home. We will see new faces, learn new names and probably eat new foods. We will form new friendships and have new experiences, hearing stories and having our own edited by the lives we will encounter.

I expect a collision.

I expect, dream of and pray for a massive, life-chnaging collision, the type of explosion where what once was no longer is because of the massive impact left in its trail. I hope that our lives are different not because of what we do but because of who we meet. I hope that I’m challenged to experience and exude God’s love in new ways. I hope that my eyes see like Jesus sees, which can never be left at a glance and is almost always accompanied with a change of heart.

If you’re the praying type, please pray for this collision. Pray that the stories we are telling welcome new characters and experiences for everyone involved.


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