…in His image.

As I was purchasing the same hummus and broccoli that had filled my grocery basket for the past several months, I had one of those awkward realizations that made me thankful that no one has developed an app to read minds. Especially one that would admit those thoughts out loud to my family. Yup. My family.

Memories of my father’s snack habits can be put into categories and clumps of time. He’d eat the same thing, day in and day out, for months or years, as we – his delightful children – would giggle at this lack of creativity and understanding as to why this was a good idea.

Hello Kettle, I’m Pot; it’s nice to meet you.

I’m not sure why this made me stop and think. And giggle. But it did. People always say that we turn into our parents but I never saw this particular similarity in eating habits until I thought about how many times in a row I had purchased these two items. At least one brand of hummus is always on sale, and I’m not picky.

As much as I may joke that I want to change and be different and have my own unique habits, I follow in his steps. And it’s good. My dad is one of the most amazing, wonderful men I’ve ever met. Marrying someone who is even half as awesome as he is would be like winning the lottery. But being like him? Being that similar to him? In getting stuck in a rut with the same go-to lunch? Um. No. Or maybe actually…? Oops.

God created the world. He spent most of the first chapter of the Bible to share the story of how this was done in the way that he wanted to communicate this (please, not the time nor the place to get into the evolution debate on which I am intentionally not taking sides), and the only time He mentions making something that reflects who He is, is when He creates people. We were created in His image.

We can’t escape the finger prints of God that were implanted in us no matter how far we run and whether or not we even acknowledge His existence.

This allows me to see people more like Jesus, perhaps, saw them. This allows me to engage with others as if they are a precious child of God, too. It reminds me that I can continually learn from and appreciate anyone, no matter what his or her background or belief system. Just like the silly habit of buying the same snack food over and over and how that’s like what my dad does, we can’t escape the fact that God made us to be like Him. So who am I to not love any individual as if they were the most important of all of God’s creation? God made us to create, to be in relationship and to rest. Of course, we’re all sinful people, and sinful people do sinful things. That’s neither reflecting God nor the way that He loves. That’s why we need Jesus so desperately and a conversation for an entirely separate blog. Nevertheless, the Bible tells us that God made us in His image no matter what we believe about Him and who He is. And how amazing is that?!


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