Mt. Kilimanjaro: Above the Clouds

Perhaps I was the only one who didn’t know that this would be the case, but starting the second day of our climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro, we found ourselves above the clouds, even if it was a blue, sunny, clear day down below because we were, technically, above the atmosphere of the surrounding area. Once we passed through the rain forrest, the second of six climate zones we’d experience, we were looking down on sea of white, puffy pillows until our re-entry to reality several days later. Unable to look at this without wonder, it continually left me awestruck and amazed.

The vast covering hid real life thousands of feet below our toes, completely out of reach. The busyness of errands, jobs, billions of people, chores, cars, phones and computers was beyond our scope and beyond our imagination. Supposedly, things kept going, functioning as normal, but for a brief moment in time, we pressed pause and called some sort of strange world that resembled a combination of Narnia and Lord of the Rings our home where we ate, slept, hydrated and hiked [repeat, again and again…] to reach the Rooftop of Africa and get a glimpse at the curvature of the earth.

P.S. Blogs about my trip to Tanzania and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro are coming in no particular chronological or logical order. Consider it blogging on African time.


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