She is a 30something from Chicago who has bounced around the country a good bit since leaving the house in which she grew up and landed in Austin, Texas, where she has fallen in love with two stepping and gets outside as much as possible to hike, play, climb, ski and paddle up, on, over, down and in any mountains or water she can find here or there or anywhere.

These are her stories that are sometimes funny, might make you think a little and generally tell her experience of life and faith colliding for a girl who finds herself lightyears from where she ever dreamed she’d be and loving it more than she thought was possible.

[She loves to make words dance in her own, creative ways, so, please, don’t use use her ramblings without her written and pre-approved consent. Anywhere. Printed or online. That’s not cool, and it’s stealing. If you’d like to get in touch with her to ask her about using something from this website or for any other reason, 20years1000words@gmail.com. And even though she loves it when people comment on her blog, be nice or she’ll delete you. Also, she’s well aware that she makes mistakes each and every day – lots of them. She’s doing her best to be honest, authentic and accurate. She’s well aware she’s a mess and OK with that. Lastly, nothing she says reflects where she works, people she knows, freelance writing/editing gigs she’s taken or anything or anyone else that might not appreciate her opinions, thoughts, ideas or perspectives.]