Letters dancing. Pausing in specific places to form meaning. Tied together in sentences. Spoken. Written. Heard.

Maybe it’s because I taught a Bible study to teenagers on James 3 and the power of the tongue. Maybe it’s because I use a lot of them. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard or read some that have changed my life. Maybe it’s because I was asked to write down the words that describe godly love in a letter Paul wrote to a church in Corinth about 2000 years ago.

I started to wonder…are mine in line with loving God and loving others? Are the ones over which I have authority beneficial when heard or read? Are they…

not envious
not boastful
not proud…humble
not self-seeking
not easily angered
always forgiving
not delighting in evil
rejoicing in truth
always protecting
always trusting
always hoping
never failing


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