Not a Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are funny little things. We joke about them at office parties, making promises to ourselves to stop doing whatever bad habit in which we are currently partaking or commit to beginning something new and different in the year to come that would be beneficial. It’s a great concept. In theory. We continually … More Not a Resolution



Meet Hannah. She lived in Israel and was the favorite of Elkanah’s two wives. In her day, having children was a big deal for women because it was all they seemed to contribute to society, especially if the children you had were male. Daughters were loved and cherished, but having a son was something special. … More Hannah

Two More Years

“The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him. Two years passed…” Genesis 40:23-41:1 Two years. Joseph waited two years. At the start of these two yeas, he had already waited ten years. Where he was waiting was not exactly ideal. He was in prison. Twelve years he spent there. Twelve years locked … More Two More Years

Sexy Confidence

No one acts inconsistently with who they see themselves to be. –Nicole Johnson, A Fresh-Brewed Life I call myself a Christian. I claim the name of God and Jesus, who he was and what he has done for me, the Foundation of who I am. God loves me. God delights in me, wants to know me and … More Sexy Confidence

Interruptible: “The beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair.”

When I would get in trouble as a child and argue with my parents, emotions would build and I’d end up being sent to my room On such spectacular occasions that were anything but an example of calm and quiet, I’d stomp up the stairs, temper-tantrum style, mumbling under my breath, “IT’S NOT FAIR!!” I’d stomp … More Interruptible: “The beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair.”

Interruptible: Teenagers aren’t the only ones.

Editor’s Note: If you are new to my blog, consider reading the previous post tagged “interruptible.” Those with that word in the title or the tag connected to them are meant to be read together, from beginning to end. The motivation for this series comes from that first post entitled “Interruptible: Jesus doesn’t [only] live … More Interruptible: Teenagers aren’t the only ones.

Interruptible: Jesus doesn’t [only] live in Tijuana.

My high school students thought that Jesus lived in Tijuana. Or maybe it was that they thought that was they only place that they could serve him? Something like that, maybe? For almost a decade, a church at which I worked took high school students to the same orphanage in Mexico to build houses. I … More Interruptible: Jesus doesn’t [only] live in Tijuana.